Orchid Locations in Peru

Cuzco and Machu Picchu - Tambopata Candamo Reserved Zone- - Huascaran NP - Land of Orchid - Loreto and Ucayali - Podocarpus Forests in Cajamarca - The Valley of Orchids

Peru is home of 3000 orchid species. The greatest diversity of species is found in the High Amazon Jungle located between 500 and 3,600 m.a.s.l. Peru surpasses the number of native species found in Colombia and Ecuador, countries that are known because of their orchid variety. 

Machu Picchu Sanctuary
The estimates for diversity within the sanctuary reach 200 species. Among the species that can be found (take a walk in the crossroad Ollantaytambo Machu Picchu) are Aa, Epidendrum, Masdevallia, Maxillaria, Oncidium, Odontoglossum, Phagminpedium and the Sobralia.

Tambopata Candamo Reserved Zone
Orchids studies do not show significant diversity but do include some interesting species of the genera Cataseum, Mormodes, PsychopsisOnly by request:

Huascaran National Park
The National Park has High Andean species that have been studied recently. One of the most representative species is the Masdevalia amabilis, which grows in rocky mountain slopes. Other genera are: Aa, Altenasteinia, Epidendrum, Stelis and Trichocerus.

Land of Orchids (also Chachapoyas is possible, beautiful, but remote)
The watershed of the Mayo river (Department of San Martin) is known as the land of orchids. There are great numbers such as Anguloa, Brassia, Cataseum, Cattleya, Bollea, Coryanthes, Lycaste, Masdevallia and many more. The most representative is the Cattleya, locally known as "Golondrina".

Loreto and Ucayali (beautiful, but remote)
Amazon lowlands have not much diversity. The great attractions are the species of the genus: Caryanthes, Gongora, Maxillaria, Mormodes and Cataseum.

Podocarpus Forests in Cajamarca
The high Amazon jungle is known for the podocarpus forests, the forest with the highest number of orchids. Many are quite exotic varieties such as the Masdevalia setacea, Masdevalia glandulosa and Lycaste denninginia.

The Valley of Orchids (beautiful, not far away from Lima)
The Valley of Chanchamayo (Department of Junin) is a fantastic place for orchid funds, altough nowadays highly depredated. The zone requires immediate protected area status.The Masdevallia can reach up to 30 cm. The Pschopsis sanderae, known as the royal butterfly, is a rare endemic species. The majority of genera in Peru are found in this valley.


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