Rodriguez de Mendoza

Description: small orchid farm located 5 km from the town Rodrigues de Mendoza in Northern Peru, touristic attractions around the village and the mountains, Orchid Expeditions in the natural habitats

Orchid farm: over 1000 plants, more than 150 orchid species: Epidendrum s.p., Maxilaria s.p., Phragmipedum, Cattleya, Oncidium macranthum, Mormodes, Masdevallia lamportyria, Odontoglosum praestans, Epidendrum s.p., Lycaste s.p., Licaste, Oncidium, Cattleya maxima, Helcia marginatha, Telipogon s.p., Lycaste s.p., Maxilaria s.p., Stanhopea s.p, Cochlioda rosea, Epidendrum s.p., Pragmipedium caudatum, Trichopilia s.p., Odontoglosum s.p., Trichoceros anteniferum, Mioxanthus serripetaws, Myoxanthus serripetala, Brassia s.p., Maxilaria, Oncidium cajamarcae s.p., Schamburkia, Odontoglosum wyattianum, etc.

Simple lodging possibilities in hotels in and around Rodriquez de Mendoza

Owner Manuel Fernandez

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