Las Palmeras de Huanchaco, Trujillo

Description: small hotel at the beach of Huanchaco, near Trujillo, Northern Peru. Touristic attractions around the city and beach, relaxation

Orchid farm: over 1000 plants, more than 60 orchid species adapted from other Andean climates, in particular from Chachapoyas: Epidendrum s.p., Maxilaria s.p., Phragmipedum, Cattleya, Oncidium macranthum, Mormodes, Masdevallia lamportyria, Odontoglosum praestans, Epidendrum s.p., Lycaste s.p., Licaste, Oncidium, Catleya maxima, Helcia marginatha, Telipogon s.p., Lycaste s.p., Maxilaria s.p., Stanhopea s.p, Cochlioda rosea, Epidendrum s.p., etc.

comfortable lodging possibilities in the hotel "Las Palmeras", two satrs hote, breakfast, restaurant, telephone, comfortable prices

Owner Juvenal Ormachea




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